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Our Tenant Services

Both tenant-driven and property-driven event marketing is a cornerstone of our marketing campaigns. To establish HTX Collective as a “destination” location.

Tenants are encouraged to host live consumer events to draw media attention and consumer foot traffic. From hosting designer events, to cooking shows, to product demonstrations, tenants will have the ability to stand out from local competitors and draw meaningful sales by hosting live events. 


HTX Collective distinguishes itself by offering premium services within the building. Our goal is to provide tenants with services that allow them to optimize productivity and time, in turn this will maximize revenue.


Tenant success is our success. We want to help keep valued employees by listening to the workforce and creating an environment that promotes employee retention. Employee gym, lounges, restaurant discounts, studio discounts, secure parking are just some of the offerings.

Our consumer marketing will focuses on three main components: Direct Marketing, Tenant-driven Event Marketing, and Property-driven Event Marketing. Common Ground Living creates a shared marketing budget, which includes a contribution from each tenant representing, and engage in a variety of tactics, attracting targeted customers and consistent foot traffics. 

Our shared marketing budget is much more cost effective than any campaign if managed by a tenant located at an independent location.  By pooling financial, design, creative, and management resources, each tenant will be able to benefit from an ever increasing and constantly improved quantity and quality of the property’s foot-traffic



Digital Studio

  • High end camera – video / and photography

  • Lighting systems 

  • Props

  • Background high def digitizing imaging

  • Vertical / Horizontal Frame

  • Microphone

  • Green screen

  • Makeup 

  • Sound background

  • Editing hardware /software

  • Stands / placement/ bases

  • On site professional Services

    • Photographer 

    • Editing 


  • Shipping & Receiving

  • Storage onsite 4*12 (4 feet high) racked 

  • Onsite Self storage lockers 10*20 – available for 90 day

  • Self-Storage

Virtual Reality Center

  • Creation studio rental space

  • Home walk-through experience

Temporary Staff

  • Missed shift employees

  • Holiday help

  • Rush day extras

  • Event and expo staff

Event Center

Up to 250 participants in main lobby

  • Food & Drinks

  • Digital Displays

  • Events - examples

    • Cooking 

    • Baking

    • Antique Road Show

    • Art Show

    • Designer – How to work with color

    • Home Automation

    • Home Security

    • Lighting

    • Adaptation for differently-abled and ADA

    • Rugs – Weaving

3D Printing

  • Access to materials

  • Access to printer

  • Operator

IT Support On Site

  • Conference call and video rooms with wired setup (ZOOM, TEAMS, etc.)

  • Secure network platforms

  • Intelligent process automation for stores

Temporary Space/Expo

  • Conference rooms

  • Office space

  • Pop up 

  • Employee areas

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